Buc-ee's is Building the World's Longest Car Wash

Buc-ee's fans are legion. The convenience store chain is revered by Texas travelers. Where do we begin? Its pristine bathrooms. Its wall to wall selection of every snack food imaginable and hilarious billboards. We could go on (and on). Buc-ee's is a giant slice of road trip heaven. And soon the famous Buc-ee's beaver may wear a new crown: home of the world's longest car wash.

KENS-5 News in San Antonio reports that an upcoming store in Katy, Texas will be home to a 255 foot long car wash. The company is reportedly in touch with the Guinness Book of World Records to determine if the car wash will in fact be the world's longest. There are no details yet on what features the car wash will offer. But at 255 feet, it's sure to include some serious scrubbing.

The new store itself will be massive. The 56,000 square feet rest stop will offer 120 gas pumps.

The first Buc-ee's was built in Lack Jackson, Texas in 1982. Arch "Beaver" Aplin hatched the idea for the great Texas convenience emporium while working at a Lake Jackson bank after college. Knowing a good idea when he saw one, the bank president agreed to loan Aplin $25,000 to get the store off the ground.

Since then, 25 locations have been built around Texas. The New Braunfels store is the largest convenience store in the world at 68,000 square feet.

It no surprise that Buc-ee's is continuing its 'go big or go home' mentality with the world's longest car wash. Now you can fuel up, fill up on barbecue and get your ride looking shiny and new before hopping back on the Texas roadways.

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