Brett Michaels Would Have Been A Longhaul Trucker If His Music Didn't Take Off
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Bret Michaels Would Have Been A Long-Haul Trucker If His Music Didn't Take Off

Bret Michaels loves the open road, so much so that he would probably still be traveling even if he wasn't famous. The rock star said he would have been a long-haul trucker in another I've.

"I love traveling," he told Fox News Digital. "I've said, 'In my other life, if I had not continued to succeed in music, I would have still been in a cover band. I'm not making that up. Like I always play music. It's therapeutic to me, but also, I could be either a DJ or a long-haul trucker."

"I love driving," he added. "I like the open road."

The founder of Poison said that he loves "being on the road so much, it was never a down moment in the sense of having a bad day." However, Michaels' wanderlust stands at odds with his role as a parent. Finding the right balance has been one of the major difficulties of his life.

Bret Michaels On Fatherhood

"What was tough is I became a father," he explained, "which is sometimes when your kids are having a special event, right? And you're not going to be able to be back, because you're in South America or something. Those are the tough, bittersweet moments, you know, as a dad." He added, "But being on the road, I know everyone wants it. I'm grateful. Like it's in the words of the movie 'The Godfather,' 'This is the life we've chosen.'"

However, the singer also loves being a father. He said it's been really rewarding. he said, I like to think that I'm a really good father, and we have fun." Michaels also remembers a moment on the road that humbled him. He played for a packed-out stadium full of fans. A few hours later, he stopped at a diner for food. No one knew who he was.

"When you say you get chill bumps on your arm, it was an insanely awesome day in my life," Michaels said. "There wasn't a person in there that knew who we were or cared. It was the best leveling lesson of my life to say, 'Make it about the music, make it about your friends, and don't chase it.' That's it. It was the best bittersweet day in my life."