Brent Cobb Chronicles the Struggling Songwriter in 'Ain't A Road Too Long'

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Rising country artist Brent Cobb channels every struggling musician in the video for his newest single, "Ain't A Road Too Long."

The clip starts out in a dreary hotel room while Cobb scribbles down some lyrics on paper before ripping them apart out of frustration. Failing to find inspiration, he finally gives up and floats off into a dream world that ironically depicts the everyday life of most of those just trying to make it by.

Heavy guitar and percussion are followed by the eminent drawl of his Georgia roots. The song builds up into a high-power and edgy blues salute. The chorus mixes killer electric guitar riffs with keyboards bringing out the heart and soul of the lyrics.

Watch entire video for "Ain't A Road Too Long" below.

"Ain't A Road Too Long" is the final release in a four-part series that chronicles the road of a singer-songwriter. The other clips in the collection show the firsthand struggles of a songwriter and how everyday life can inspire them.

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If you haven't caught his live show yet, you still have plenty of chances before the year wraps up. You can find a full list of his upcoming tour dates here.

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Brent Cobb Chronicles the Struggling Songwriter in 'Ain't A Road Too Long'