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The Mavericks Wipe Away Fear and Preach Hope in New Video for 'Brand New Day'

Man, country artists have really been on point with their music videos lately. The Mavericks just released a poignant and hopeful new video for their song "Brand New Day."

Similar to Kenny Chesney's recent video for "Rich and Miserable," the new video from the Tex-Mex country four-piece features messages of tolerance and empathy. But it certainly doesn't seem that way at first.

The video features a talented dance troupe intermingled in a tangled web of limbs and words. Each dancer brandishes words like xenophobia, homophobia, greed and racism. All of these words really dominated the political climate recently.

But as the glam-ified Raul Malo sings the inspiring lyrics of "Brand New Day," the dancers soon wipe away the words. They then replace them with hopeful messages of acceptance and tolerance. The entire aesthetic of the video is really quite beautiful.

The performance piece is a not-so-subtle jab at the political climate embraced by President Donald Trump. And that's something Malo openly discusses. He, like many artists, is vocal in his criticisms.

But on the other hand, the song doesn't stoop to "us vs. them" lows. Instead, it preaches the concept of embracing a brand new day. "I'm not one of those guys who thinks we're at the end of the world," Malo recently told Rolling Stone Country. So while he remains vigilant in his activism, he refuses to bow to pessimism. 

The Mavericks recently released Brand New Day on their own label. After two albums with Big Machine Records, the Grammy-winning band decided to branch out.

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They formed Mono Mundo Recordings to release their own records. While the new album still feels familiar, their noted independence shines through on the record. As does Malo's consistent activism and political voice.

You can find a full list of The Mavericks' upcoming tour dates here.

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