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Watch Brad Paisley Make This Couple's Engagement Truly Special

There's a good chance everybody remembers the exact scene when they got engaged. But now thousands of others remember this lucky couple's special engagement, too. And that includes Brad Paisley.

Cody and Brittany visited the Grand Ole Opry on May 6 for a special evening. The lineup that night included Paisley, Charles Esten, Ashley Campbell, Bill Anderson and more. But Cody and Brittany became the real show-stoppers.

During the introduction to his song "Today," Paisley invited Cody and Brittany up to the infamous circle. He asked the couple their names and what they did. When Cody told everybody he's a fireman, the crowd erupted in applause.

Now, Brittany has an important job too — even if Paisley mistook her job for dealing with broken washing machines. (She works with big rigs, which Paisley said he also needs help with). But all of that paled in comparison to the job Cody was about to perform.

After Paisley made his jokes, Cody bent down on one knee and took the microphone.

"Brittany, you are the love of my life and my best friend," Cody says. "And I can't imagine living the rest of my life without you. So will you marry me?"

Something tells us there's no chance she would possibly say no. But still, it's nice to know for sure.

Then Paisley suggested the lovebirds step to the side and enjoy their first dance as an engaged couple. He launched into his song "Today," which sure felt like the perfect tune for the moment. The song is all about using the beautiful memory of today to get through future struggles.

Paisley then wished the happy couple luck and love and Twitter. "You know that whole circle be unbroken thing," Paisley says, referencing one of country music's cherished mottos. Talk about a special story!

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