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Blue Bell Releases New Ice Cream Flavor for Sweet and Salty Lovers

Blue Bell

Attention all ice cream lovers: Blue Bell is releasing a new flavor to their growing selection.

The company started teasing the new flavor on their Twitter account only a couple of days ago, revealing the brand-new flavor of "Sweet 'n Salty Crunch" Thursday morning.

Popular snacks like Chex Mix are the inspiration behind the new flavor. Made with a vanilla ice cream base, the Texas ice cream giant mixes in favorites like chocolate-coated pretzels, chopped roasted almonds and milk chocolate chunks.

Blue Bell has been releasing several flavors over the past weeks gearing up for the heat of summer. The popular Red, White and Blue Bell flavor was reintroduced just in time for the 4th of July. Other flavors returning to shelves are Cookie Two Step and Pineapple Sherbert.

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Sweet 'n Salty Crunch hits stores later this week in both half gallon and pint sizes. And you can be sure that ice cream lovers have been snatching up the new flavors as soon as they can. So, if you're looking forward to trying this one, get there fast.

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Blue Bell Releases New Ice Cream Flavor for Sweet and Salty Lovers