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Blue Bell Introduces New Salted Caramel Cookie Ice Cream

It looks like Happy Tracks wasn't the last ice cream of summer! Blue Bell Creameries of Texas has just released a new limited-time ice cream and wow, it sounds absolutely amazing. New Blue Bell Salted Caramel Cookie Ice Cream has it all! Rich creamy caramel ice cream loaded with vanilla crème filled cookies and a salted caramel swirl. The new flavor is available in both pint sizes and half-gallon. Once you have a taste of this new salted caramel cookie flavor, there's no way you'll pick up just a pint. Go crazy, it's the end of summer and that half-gallon is calling your name.

Blue Bell Ice Cream has been in the news recently at the expense of trending pranksters. Looking to gain a little bit of internet fame, people have taken to removing the tops from various Blue Bell flavors, licking them, and placing them back on the shelf. The ice cream brand has been receiving a bit of backlash due to not including a plastic cover on the ice cream, however, there are other big brand ice cream companies that forgo the plastic band on the tub. Breyers announced (before the whole debacle in 2018) that it would be removing all non-recyclable plastic bands from their Gelato Indulgences and most 16oz products to reduce waste. Is Breyers getting the same backlash as Blue Bell? Not even close.

These ice cream lickers are few and far between and because of security cameras (and the dummies filming themselves and posting it online) they have all gotten caught. Most recently one Texas man thought it would be a great way to get attention by licking Blue Bell's creamy vanilla ice cream in a Texas Walmart. He was arrested and booked for on criminal mischief charges and faces up to a year behind bars and a maximum fine of $4,000. So I guess there is a sweet justice ending.

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