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Blake Shelton Wards off Opposum While Grilling

Country star Blake Shelton enjoys the occasional backyard grilling session, but last spring, he got a surprise when grilling a fish in the backyard. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Blake Shelton told the hilarious story of his surprise encounter with a wild opossum.

Blake Shelton and his wife Gwen Stefani split their time between their gorgeous ranch in Oklahoma and their homes in Nashville and Los Angeles. During the pandemic, the couple spent more time than usual on the lovely, rural ranch.

Blake Shelton's New Friend

It was during this time, in spring 2021, that Shelton unexpectedly made friends with opossum when making a fish for dinner. Shelton said, "I was at the house in Oklahoma, and I was there by myself and I grilled something on the grill. And I got it out, I was letting it cool off and I went back to get it and a damn opossum over there, look, eating my ... I actually grilled some fish. I was like 'hey man.'"

At first, the country music star was surprised by the wild animal chowing down on his meal, but he eventually decided to make the critter his new buddy. Blake Shelton and the opossum then hung out for a few minutes as he petted it.

Shelton even shared videos of the marsupial on his social media account, so all of his followers saw his new fluffy friend. Here's the clip of The Kelly Clarkson Show where Shelton tells the story!

Blake Shelton also described himself as a "slow slug," saying that he enjoys relaxing as a coach on NBC's 'The Voice.' The 'All About Tonight' singer says that he's slowed down from his younger days , when he "lived life to the max." Shelton's forgiving and relaxed attitude toward his uninvited guest was impressive to say the least.