Blake Shelton Mushroom
AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file and Wikimedia Commons

Blake Shelton Finds, Fries and Eats a Trippy-Looking Mushroom

Country music star Blake Shelton's activities as an outdoorsman include searches for edible, wild mushrooms.

On March 15, Shelton tweeted a photo of a lion's mane mushroom he later fried and ate.

"I found a lion's mane mushroom, which I have watched videos about on YouTube many a time with (Gwen Stefani's son) Zuma," Shelton told Pop Culture. "We've watched people find these things, take them home and cook them. I blasted it up, fried it and didn't die. I didn't see Jesus or anything."

Shelton excitedly told fellow The Voice judges Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend about his discovery, crediting the Wild Mushroom Enthusiasts of Oklahoma Facebook group with helping him identify odd-looking delicacies.

"I love how it's 'of Oklahoma' every time," Legend joked. "You guys can't be international, given that it's on the internet?"

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Lion's mane mushrooms have become a popular superfood. Australian gourmet mushroom producer Urban Spore describes them as having a "strikingly unforgettable appearance and an amazing rich umami flavour that wonderfully mimics the texture of meat."

Tyrant Farms adds that lion's mane mushrooms "taste like crab meat, have scientifically proven brain-boosting medicinal properties and can be easily grown or foraged.

So while it's fun to laugh along as Shelton's fellow judges on NBC's The Voice embrace his willingness to be the butt of jokes, it turns out his quirky discovery led to a healthy and tasty meal.

Today's coverage of Shelton being a fungi kind of guy adds that recent research shows that lion's mane mushrooms "may contain compounds with serious medicinal benefits; they may even be used in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and other cognitive conditions, according to a research review in the journal Acta Mycologica."

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