'The Voice': Jordan Matthew Young Wows With Keith Whitley Song

34-year-old Jordan Matthew Young is one of the latest country contestants to impress multiple judges during the blind auditions on NBC's The Voice season 20. The Austin, Texas native earned himself a three-chair turn with his rendition of Keith Whitley's "I'm No Stranger to the Rain." Blake Shelton even muttered to himself "That's good," as it hit the button to turn his chair.

John Legend was the only coach who didn't turn his chair but admitted that Young had three incredible choices between the other respective teams. 

"Jordan, it started off kind of shaky man," began Shelton. "And that's what took me a minute, and then I realized it was a completely different performance after about a quarter of the way through. You really found your footing and laid out a solid performance. You know, I don't get to work with guys like you that often on this show."

Shelton proceeded to compare parts of the country singer's voice to country rocker Eric Church but then explained that with his rich baritone voice he really doesn't sound like anyone else in country music. 

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"Jordan, I love your vibe," said Kelly Clarkson. "I love that you sound like old school country." Clarkson proceeded to play a hilarious video compiling various clips of Gwen Stefani that edited down to saying 'pick Kelly as your coach.' Pretty hilarious.

Nick Jonas jumped in with feedback at the very end, admitting that he waited until the end of the song because he felt like it was probably a done deal with either Clarkson or Shelton. 

"But the reality is, there's a lot of country music that's starting to sound a certain way and it's harder for things to break through in that traditional sense. But if you can be a part of the conversation and say 'here's the things I love about this traditional, classic approach,' and apply it to this new world where things are moving so fast, people are going to listen. And so, given that chance to be your coach I'd have an amazing time going on that journey with you. To do something really disruptive."

Ultimately, Young opted to join Team Blake and learn from one of country music's greats! We can't wait to see what the two can accomplish together.

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'The Voice': Jordan Matthew Young Wows With Keith Whitley Song