Blake Shelton Ditched His Mullet Because Fans Mistaked Him For Terri Clark
Photo by Rusty Russell/Getty Images

Blake Shelton Ditched His Mullet Because Fans Mistook Him For Terri Clark

You may not know this, but when Blake Shelton first hit the scene, he was rocking a pretty long mullet. However, the singer ultimately ditched the hair and never looked back. But why?

Well, Terri Clark may have an answer. Speaking with Taste of Country, she said that fans accidentally thought Shelton was her. She said, "My best Blake story was CMA Fest, then Fan Fair, at the fairgrounds, and it's more of a story that he should tell, because it's pretty funny."

As Clark explained, Shelton had arrived to the festival. He was getting on a golf cart when fans noticed him. She said,  "But he was getting out of a car and into a golf cart to go sign. There were a bunch of fans behind him, and all they could see is behind him." The next part makes Clark laugh. Because fans thought that Shelton was her.

"They [the fans] were like, 'Terri, hey Terri.' This is really bad for me and really bad for him. Like seriously, people saw me like I look like a football player with a mullet? What the hell, man?" She said. "And then he immediately cut his hair. He tells the story like that might be one of the reasons that he cut his hair. 'Don't want to be mistaken for a chick, man.'"

However, Clark takes it in stride, saying, "I take it as a compliment; he has a better a— than me."

Blake Shelton Bring Back Mullet

However, embarrassing story aside, Shelton briefly brought back the mullet later in his career. He wore a fake mullet for the music video for the song "No Body."

"[Wearing the mullet] felt completely natural to me," he told People. "Especially making the video in this particular bar. The air conditioning wasn't on. It was hot in there." He added, "Hair was sticking to my neck and the side of my face. And I remember thinking, 'Oh yeah, this is why I ended up cutting my mullet off.' Not because it wasn't cool anymore or trendy, just because it was physically irritating."

However, Shelton said he would never permanently bring back the hairstyle. He said, "I guess I don't care about trends, because when I had the mullet, it wasn't cool. And now that mullets are cool, I don't have one. So I guess I don't follow. I should. I'm not against them. I'm just always a little bit late."