Have You Ever Been to a BK Whopper Bar?

Any dedicated fan of Burger King is probably familiar with the BK Whopper Bar. If not, this experience should be next on your list! Burger King Whopper Bars are like a classier cousin of Burger King- same company, but slightly more high-end ingredients. These fun, distinctive restaurants combine delicious, indulgent food with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

BK Whopper Bar

The Whopper Bar is designed like a kiosk and can often be found in places like malls, casinos and airports. One of its most unique aspects is the open kitchen, which allows customers to watch their food being prepared from a metal, semi-circular counter. Watching your meal get cooked builds anticipation like nothing else!

There are a few BK Whopper Bar locations, one of the most well-known being the one at the Universal Citywalk at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This restaurant at the Universal Orlando Resort is the perfect place to refuel after an adventurous day at the theme park. Another location is in the South Beach section of Miami, which is the first Whopper Bar location to sell beer, a unique option for a fast food restaurant. You can also enjoy the BK Whopper bar at various other locations like Las Vegas and Kansas City.

The Burger King Whopper Bar Menu

Along with an open kitchen, these classy yet casual restaurants are decorated with plasma TVs that play open flames on a loop, creating a cozy atmosphere. Although these are Burger King restaurants, their menu is different from that of typical Burger King locations.

The BK Whopper bar offers the option to build your own whopper, which has the options of adding plenty of delicious toppings. The topping options include smoked bacon, pepper bacon, cheddar, pepper jack, swiss, American, bleu cheese crumbles, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, angry onions, crispy onions, and guacamole. Along with these toppings, the sauces available are BBQ sauce, A.1. sauce, angry sauce, bourbon-flavored sauce, blackened Cajun sauce, thousand island, onion, and jalapenos.

If the extensive whopper options doesn't get you in the mood for the BK Whopper Bar, they also have meal options! These include the angry whopper meal, bourbon whopper meal, 3-cheese steakhouse XT, pepper bacon steakhouse XT, mushroom and swiss steakhouse XT, and the tendercrisp chicken sandwich meal.

Once you've enjoyed a scrumptious sandwich and some crispy fries or onion rings, there are some yummy desserts to choose from. The Hershey's sundae pie is a favorite for chocolate lovers, and the shakes are a refreshing choice on a hot day. There are also fountain drinks, which can be Coca-Cola, Fanta, or sprite among other options. Whatever you choose, it's hard to go wrong at the BK Whopper Bar!

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