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Who Played the Best Billy the Kid? Exploring Every Actor Who's Played The Legendary Outlaw

From Paul Newman to Tom Blyth

Billy the Kid is one of the most legendary names in the Wild West. He was a famous outlaw in the late 1800s who gained a reputation for gunslinging his way through the west before he was killed at the young age of 21. Though born Henry McCarty, he took on the pseudonym William H. Bonney, which eventually turned into 'Billy the Kid' as his name started to appear on wanted posters. It's a fascinating story as Billy lived a hard and fast life out in the West, which makes him an ideal figure to bring to life on the screen.

Hollywood has tried to tell his story many times over the past century. From his rise from a young orphan to a famous outlaw surrounded by his friends Charlie Bowdre, Tom O'Folliard, and Dick Brewer, he certainly has a unique story to tell. Though there have been numerous films over the years, the MGM+ series Billy the Kid, currently in its second season, gives us a deeper look at the life of Billy that gives him a bit more heart than past adaptations.

Here's a look at some of the most notable actors who have played Billy the Kid over the years.

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