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Country Star Billy Dean Accompanies 'American Idol' Contestant During Audition

Country star Billy Dean, known for his hits "Only Here For a Little While," "We Just Disagree," "Billy the Kid" and "Somewhere in My Broken Heart," joined American Idol hopeful Chloe Channell for her audition. Dean has been serving as Channell's mentor and accompanied her on guitar while she performed for the judges.

Idol judge Luke Bryan immediately recognized Dean, who told the judges that he met Channell through country legend Kenny Rogers and that the young singer has a "great work ethic."

With Dean on guitar, Channell performed Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy" and her rendition won praise from the judges.

"If this is 16 years old, I can't imagine what 19 might be or 20," Lionel Richie said. "Your sound right now is so confident."

Katy Perry called the performance brilliant, adding that the song showed off Channell's range and attitude.

Bryan advised Channell to have fun and told her not to be afraid to sing out.

"Your voice was a little small at first, but then you showed us it wasn't small," Bryan said.

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In the end, Channell's audition got her one step closer to her dream. The 16-year-old singer will advance to the next round of auditions in Hollywood.

The announcement made Channell and her mentor Dean emotional.

"She's worked so hard," Dean said. "She's given up so many Spring Breaks and so many summers to do this."

Of course, with two established country stars in the room, Dean couldn't get away without singing a few bars of one of his best known hits. Bryan and Dean teamed up for an impromptu performance of Dean's 1990 song "Only Here For a Little While."

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