BET Awards Draws Backlash For Honoring OJ Simpson Of All People
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BET Awards Draws Backlash For Honoring OJ Simpson Of All People

The BET Awards featured many highlights including Will Smith debuting a new song, but the awards show came under fire for including OJ Simpson in an In Memorial segment.

The In Memoriam segment honored several Black entertainers and icons who passed away over the past year. Late stars included Dexter Scott King, Willie Mays, and Carl Weathers. However, the crowd fell silent when OJ Simpson showed up in the segment. The controversial NFL star died after a battle with cancer.

Simpson lived in infamy for years due to the high-profile murder case attached to his name. Although a trial found him innocent of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, a separate liable trial held him responsible. Simpson later served time for armed robbery and kidnapping.

BET Viewers Mad About OJ Simpson

While the audience may have been silent, viewers weren't. They took to social media to blast the BET Awards for including OJ. One wrote, "And BET gave a shout-out to OJ Simpson. You have to love BET showing respect to a black monster who committed a double murder on 2 white people and later on went to a hotel room with armed men and held people at gunpoint. BET, the ultimate jokes."

Another wrote, "They honoured Will Smith and OJ Simpson. Nice morals BET Awards." One fan thought it was funny, writing, "Haha wow OJ Simpson getting love at the BET Awards." Another wrote, "Bruh ain't no way BET decided to honor OJ Simpson."

Other fans chimed in with one writing, "BET Awards is so irrelevent that they had to put that killer OJ Simpson in the memoriam so they can get attention on all the shows tomorrow. Tragic." Another wrote, "Ngl.. I nearly changed the channel once OJ Simpson popped up on the screen during that in memoriam at the Bet Awards 2024. Like no.... He should have been excluded."

Prior to his death, Simpson denied having troubles with his health. In a video, he opened up about his health.

"Hey, let me take a moment to say thank you to all the people who reached out to me," Simpson said in a video on X. "My health is good. I mean I'm dealing with some issues but hey I think I'm just about over it and I'll be back on that golf course hopefully in a couple of weeks." He added, "But it was very nice hearing from you and those good, positive words. Thank you."