Spring cleaning tips

The 15 Best Spring Cleaning Hacks from TikTok Everyone Should Know

These tips and tricks will make your home look sparkly and new in no time.

Winter is for nesting so deep in your sofa that you're practically inside of it. But Spring? Spring is for flipping those crumb-coated cushions over and giving them some much-needed TLC. It's for dusting the shelves you haven't touched since last year and finally addressing that pile of unopened holiday gifts in the corner. It's the time of year when we all give up our couch potato titles and turn into professional organizers and cleaning gurus overnight.

It's Spring, baby — and we're cleaning.

Now, sweeping the kitchen and wiping the counters are everyday chores we're all familiar with. But if you really want to give your digs a deep clean (dishwasher included), you're going to have to go beyond the basics and tackle those not-so-obvious problem areas. You know, the ones that require moving furniture and elbow grease. Because spring cleaning isn't a chore, like deep cleaning the sink with Bar Keepers Friend, it's a job. And an intimidating one at that.

If you avoid any cleaning tasks that require fancy tools or take longer than five minutes, you're not alone. But you don't have to splurge on expensive gadgets or spend hours scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush to get your home looking spick and span. If we look to TikTok for BookTok recommendations, you better believe there are some solid cleaning hacks out there as well. The good people of #CleanTok have come to the rescue with their clever hacks to tackle every neglected nook and cranny this Spring.

Read on for 15 time-saving tips you'll want to add to your deep clean routine ASAP.

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