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The 25 Best Hostess Gifts Under $50 (They're Better Than A Bottle of Wine!)

The best gifts are the one's you'd never buy yourself.

How many times have you been invited to a dinner party or housewarming and don't know what to show up with? A bottle of wine or some baked goods are great options and are always appreciated. But if you want to step outside the box (of cookies?), we think there are other fun and affordable options to choose from. And now that it's the holiday season, you'll probably be going to lots of parties, whether it's a Friendsgiving or Christmas movie marathon, so this is the time to come up with some useful favorites that you can order now and keep on hand for whenever you need them. Whether you're tagging along to a game night as a plus-one or spending the evening at a close family member or friend's gathering, the best hostess gifts are useful for the host and affordable for you.

We like to consider options that can be used during the party, but we also like options that can be used after, whether it's for cleaning up or winding down the day after. After all, throwing a party takes lots of energy! So whether you are looking for a gift for someone you know really well or are stepping into someone's home for the first time, we have you covered with thoughtful choices. Below are some of our favorite picks, ranging from a fun pair of slippers to a bottle of non-alcoholic spirits — and best of all, they all come in at under $50.

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This article was published in November 2022 and was updated in October 2023.

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