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The Best Fried Pickles Recipe on Pinterest Is a Copycat Texas Roadhouse Recipe

There are few things we love more than pickles. Their bitter zing is what keeps us coming back for more, and the vast health benefits are just an added bonus. Whether you love pure pickle juice or Pickle Juice Soda, there are so many ways to enjoy this favorite fried food. However, there is one way to serve up pickles better than the rest: fried pickles. Deep fried to golden brown perfection, there's nothing like a good, buttery batter with a zesty crunch inside. Fortunately, Pinterest has you covered for fried pickle recipes.

Pinterest is a resource for millions of home cooks worldwide, so we take the popular Pinterest recipe picks seriously. First, there was the best keto recipe out there, and then there was the best cauliflower recipe. Now, however, Pinterest revealed its most popular fried pickle recipe that's been saved over 98,000 times. The best part? It's not just any ol' recipe, it's a copycat recipe. Meet Copycat Texas Roadhouse Fried Pickles from All She Cooks.

When it comes to deep fried pickles, I'm partial to using dill pickle slices. While many might prefer spheres for their fried dill pickles, I appreciate the bite-size aspect of these. It might be because I feel less guilty, even though I eat more pickle slices. This recipe plays on the popular appetizer at Texas Roadhouse, but it's even better because you're making it at home and probably without pants. Well, maybe not for deep frying, but you see my point.

What makes this recipe extraordinary is the use of Cajun seasoning in the breading. The slight tang and heat from it really shine through the all-purpose flour. While most oven-baked "fried" pickle recipes use bread crumbs as the casing, I just prefer the flour mixture more. Unlike the trendy air fryer side dishes, you've been seeing, this one is really deep-fried. Yum!

While All She Cooks highly recommends a deep fryer (and we do, too), there's no harm in frying in vegetable oil on your stovetop as long as you are careful. Use a slotted spoon add the dill pickle chips to the hot oil and to pull your pickles out, and don't forget to season well with kosher salt and black pepper when they rest on the paper towel-lined plate.

It's also atypical for a fried pickles recipe to include a delicious dipping sauce recipe, as most will point you toward ranch dressing or hot sauce. The zesty dipping sauce recipe here is amazing, although I add a dash of garlic powder and cayenne pepper to it because that's just how I like it. Have your kitchen helper prep this easy recipe for a dip as you fry the pickles, and you'll be finished in no time.

The next time you're looking for good appetizer recipes, consider including this popular recipe from Pinterest in your menu. After all, who doesn't love crispy fried pickles?

Find the full recipe here.

This article was originally published on March 20, 2019.

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