The 10 Best BBQ Joints in Nashville That Define Music City's Tasty 'Cue

Tangy tomato-based sauce defines the Nashville bbq scene.

Nashville is known primarily for two things: country music and hot chicken. But don't sleep on the barbecue scene in Music City — simply put, it's among the best in the nation.

Nashville 'cue stands out as a distinctive style of barbecue in America, offering a unique blend of flavors and techniques rooted in its rich cultural heritage. While it's not the kind of BBQ you'd find in Dallas or Austin, it has its own unique flavor profile that makes it unique. What sets Nashville barbecue apart from others is its emphasis on bold flavors, especially in pit-cooked pork, often served in pulled pork sandwiches. Nashville's twist involves using a tangy tomato-based sauce that distinguishes it from vinegar-based sauces found in the Carolinas or molasses-based sauces of Kansas City.

Nashville barbecue thrives on fiery and flavorful offerings, embodying the spirit of Southern culinary pride. When indulging in Nashville barbecue, expect a spicy and savory adventure that blends tradition and innovation, making it a one-of-a-kind barbecue experience. Nashville barbecue stands as a tribute to the region's Southern culinary heritage, where boldness and tradition intersect. It's a flavorful journey through a distinct barbecue culture that continues to evolve while staying true to its roots, making every visit to a Nashville barbecue joint a delicious adventure for the taste buds.

Here are the 10 best barbecue joints in Nashville that any self-respecting lover of smoked meats needs to visit.

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