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Think You Know Which State Drinks the Most Beer? This Map Will Shock You

Fact, Americans love beer. From the hoppiest of the double IPAs right on down to the lightest of lagers, we love to crack open a cold one on any occasion, whether it's a Yuengling, Busch, Budweiser, or even Gose. While we could debate all day about which brewers are the best of the best, the one thing we beer lovers can't debate is what states reign supreme in downing the most suds and we've got the stats to prove it thanks to 24/7 Wall.

Before we get into what state is number one per capita on 24/7 Wall's list, shall we take a little wager? Raise your hand if you think it's Oregon. What about North Carolina? How about Texas? California anyone? Oh yeah, it's probably Colorado. They love their craft beer and craft breweries.

I obviously can't see your hands, but I'm sure there is some commotion out there. So place your bet with your friend, co-worker, or guy sitting next to you, and let's take a look at how each state ranks.

Drum roll, please. And the winner is. . . New Hampshire.

Probably not your first guess, but it is home to Smuttynose. Or was. Smuttynose unfortunately got auctioned off and only time will tell what happens now. Sorry, all you Finest Kind IPA fans. I'm sad too. But I digress. Now that we know the winner, let's look at how the rest of the USA ranks:

1. New Hampshire

2. Montana

3. North Dakota

4. South Dakota

5. Wisconsin

6. Maine

7. Nebraska

8. Nevada

9. Vermont

10. Texas

11. Iowa

12. South Carolina

13. Mississippi

14. Oregon

15. Louisiana

16. Wyoming

17. Alabama

18. New Mexico

19. Delaware

20. Hawaii

21. Minnesota

22. Colorado

23. Missouri

24. Illinois

25. West Virginia

26. Ohio

27. Arizona

28. Pennsylvania

29. Florida

30. Alaska

31. Idaho

32. Kansas

33. Michigan

34. California

35. Oklahoma

36. North Carolina

37. Washington

38. Tennessee

39. Virginia

40. Georgia

41. Arkansas

42. Kentucky

43. Massachusetts

44. Indiana

45. Rhode Island

46. New York

47. New Jersey

48. Connecticut

59. Maryland

50. Utah

Looks like Texas was the closest bet at the tenth spot. Oregon almost made the top ten so that wasn't a bad bet. Colorado however didn't even make the top twenty. And what even happened with North Carolina and California?

Considering the brewery and beer company scene of those two states I was sure they were a shoo-in, especially since American beer is so important in those states. And I'm somewhat shocked with Delaware being home to Dogfish Head ranked where they did consider their proximity to New Hampshire. Guess the state line in America really does make a difference.

Perhaps it has something to do with the downward beer trend? Delaware has plummeted 8.4% in consumption. Although judging by the stats here, Oregon, Colorado, and California are on the rise.

If we were talking total consumption, however, anyone who said California would have come in first place. They consume a whopping 724.9 million gallons. And the runner up? That would be none other than Texas with 626.3 million gallons.

I guess the only way to really get a good perspective on what's going on is by drinking the popular beer in each state. Or perhaps take an epic cross country road trip to see for yourself. If you decide on the latter, let us know who you think is number one. And possibly send beer while you're at it.

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This post was originally published on November 13, 2020.