The 6 Best Beach Sandals That Will Go With All of Your Summertime Apparel

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Warm weather is here, which means trips to the beach and the lake are calling our name. There are plenty of necessities to bring along with you for a day on the water — from sunscreen to beach towels, your bag will get full quickly. Who wants sneakers or shoes to take up any more room? You need footwear that you can just slip on and wear all day, without having to think about carrying another pair just to go from the beach to dinner or a visit to the boardwalk. That's where the best beach sandals for your next getaway will come in handy.

There are so many options when it comes to beach sandals, but we sourced pairs you can wear everywhere, are durable and sturdy, and keep feet comfortable on multiple surfaces. We found a pair of ergonomic flip-flops perfect for the minimalist, and comfy sports sandals for light hikes and walks on the beach. Most of them are also great for everyday use, too: they're so comfortable, you'll want to wear them when checking the mail or walking your dog. We even found a couple pairs that are a bit more dressy. If you plan on hitting a nicer bar or restaurant after hanging out at the beach, we've got you covered. Check out our picks for the best beach sandals below — they'll go perfectly with any adventure you want to have on a hot, sunny day.

1. Our Top Pick for Men and Women

Havianas Flip Flops - Amazon, $12.87+

Havianas have been around forever — and for good reason, too. These durable, comfortable flip flops are the beach sandal since they debuted in Brazil in 1962. Deceptively simple, one pair of these will last for many summer vacations, getaways, and adventures to come. With a cushioned and textured foot bed for comfort and traction, a small platform, and a wide rubber strap, these will take you from the beach to the boardwalk. They come in loads of colors and styles, and will protect your feet from hot sand and rocks. We love that they have special edition collections, like their recent Pride option.

Check out the best option for men here.

2. An Ergonomic Flip-Flop That's Super Cute

Women's Iqushion Ergonomic  Sandal - Macy's, $32 

These waterproof, slip-resistant flip flops are made for anyone with foot discomfort — or for anyone who prefers padding no matter what shoe they're wearing. FitFlop made a casual beach sandal with air-foam cushions and impact pillows at high-pressure areas to keep you comfortable all day long. The extra padding goes a long way, and we think they're stylish with the small elevated heel. Choose from six different colors.

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3. The Best Sports Sandal for the Water

Women's Lowdown 2 Sandal - Chaco, $67.99 

Chacos are seriously the best sandals when it comes to spending time outdoors. Every hiker, camper, and beach roamer owns a pair. They're known for their superior traction on rough, wet, or slippery surfaces — which is a must if you're on boats or walking on rocky beaches. They're also super adjustable — you can tighten them in a few places so they'll be as secure as you need them to be. Chacos are known for being extremely comfortable, and are also lightweight and vegan. Wear them during your beach vacation if you're planning some outdoor adventures.

4. A Chunky Sandal for the Beach & the Bar


Chunky sandals are making a comeback. We're here for it! We recommend the Tevas Flatform sandal for those days where you going from the beach straight to a cute restaurant by the shore. They're more bold than a regular pair of sports sandals, so wear these if you want to feel like a fashionista (even when you're covered in sand). Our executive commerce editor has a pair of these and consider them her favorite beach shoe for both their comfort and elevated style — and notes that although she's fairly clumsy, she walks in these with no problems. Pick from eight different colors.

5. Affordable Slides You'll Wear All the Time

FUNKYMONKEY Comfort Slides - Amazon, $24.99

Save the Nike slides for post-workouts and find a pair of budget-friendly slides for beach days. These sandals are padded and comfortable, and will withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. They're also super lightweight, so walking through the sand will be a breeze. Best of all, these slides are washable and waterproof, so clean-up is simple. They're also great for quick errands to the grocery store or walking the dog. Pick from over 30 different colors.

6. A Dressy Sandal for Fun Beach Outfits

Sallay Black Suede Flat Thong Sandals - Lulus, $19 

Strappy sandals are great for when you're visiting the beach in a cute dress or outfit —  after all, you won't want to walk around the pier in heels. However, this cute pair of suede sandals from Lulu's will make you feel dressed up. They come attached to long ties you can lace them around your ankles as you see fit. Pair these with a long, flowy dress or skirt for date night at your favorite beach bar or restaurant.

This article was originally published in May 2021.