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This Beach House is Hurricane Proof and Made From Recycled Bottles

Having a beach house sounds like a dream, but dealing with hurricane season is always a risk you'll take. The damage that some coastal homes take during a storm is unfortunate and many times unpreventable. Fear no more because Canadian construction firm JD Composites has created the house that can pretty much withstand anything while simultaneously utilizing plastic waste. It's made from recycled water bottles— talk about green technology and recycled building material!

The real estate company is based in Nova Scotia and run by Joel German and David Saulnier, who recently made a first-of-its-kind house created from over 600,000 recycled plastic bottles. The bottles were essentially melted into polyethylene terephthalate and used to create wall panels. The panels are roughly 5.9 inches thick to create the ultimate eco-friendly use of recycled materials. To say that those panels are strong and durable is an understatement.

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The energy-efficient and hurricane-proof bottle house withstood heavy testing of the elements to see how much it could endure in a terrible storm. With no damage, they were able to stand up against 326-mph winds, which is even more powerful than a Category 5 storm. This hurricane-resistant home could be a huge game-changer. The hope of German and Saulnier is that they can expand their home models to act as future disaster relief shelters. The recycled materials are also resistant to mildew and termites — another definite plus. They really made good use of plastic, didn't they?

The three-bedroom house is located along the Meteghan River in Nova Scotia. With 2,000 square feet and plenty of living space, what's not to like about this one-of-a-kind property? Talk about a new dream home, especially in a hurricane-prone region.

Oh, and did we mention it's absolutely beautiful inside?

It will definitely be exciting to see what else JD Composites does with their business and how this revolutionary new model will change how people are able to live safely year-round on the beach.

This story first ran in 2019.

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