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Buffalo Wild Wings Promises Free Wings For America if the Super Bowl Goes to OT

You can't say no to free wings! Buffalo Wild Wings, a casual dining restaurant and sports bar knows their chicken wings. The largest sports bar brand in the United States, Buffalo Wild Wings heats up when February 2nd rolls around, knowing everyone will be ordering and dining on chicken wings and great beer during the big game. This year Bdubs is upping the ante and promises free wings if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.

What are the Odds that BDubs Gives Free Wings?

Overtime at any sporting event is always exciting. The teams are tied and the entire outcome of the score relies on this extended quarter. According to Buffalo Wild Wings gaming partner BetMGM, "the moneyline for the game going into overtime opened at +875, meaning a $100 bet would net $975 (including stake) if the game goes to OT." Essentially it means that America has a 10% chance of winning free BWWings this year.

John Duffley, Editor at FanBuzz thinks this game has a solid chance of going into overtime. "If there is any Super Bowl I can remember in recent memory that could go into overtime, it's this one. Neither team is heavily favored, and even the oddsmakers in Las Vegas are predicting this to be a toss-up. Both teams excel in their own way, and there's a great chance they need overtime to settle who's the NFL's best." I'll take those odds!

If the game goes into overtime, everyone in the U.S. and Canada will win free wings on February 17 from 4-7 p.m. local time. Customers will have the option to receive one free order of boneless or traditional snack-sized or 5/6 count chicken wings served with blue cheese dressing and carrots and celery. The promotion is available for dine-in orders only. Limit of one free order per customer.

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