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BBQ Brawl Season 2 Episode 9: Spaghetti Westerns and BBQ Ambrosia

BBQ Brawl Season 2 episode 9, "Future 'Cue," begins with the typical amount of friendly competitive banter, as Michael Symon points out that both Eddie Jackson and Bobby Flay have only one contender left on their team, so if that contestant gets sent home, they'll be out of the running.

From the start of the episode, team captains and contestants are well aware that this is the competition before the finale round, and anything they BBQ must be executed perfectly. Bobby Flay retorts to Michael's smack talk with "Michael is a fierce competitor, but sometimes when it gets to the big games he fumbles." Soon enough, we'll see who can perform under the pressure!

BBQ Brawl Season 2

BBQ Brawl: Flay vs Symon season can be viewed on Discovery + or Amazon prime video, and new episodes air each Monday, with a showtime of 8 pm CT. This entertaining Food Network TV show has all of the delicious food of the cooking channel, with an added competition element like that of the Great Food Truck Race or Big Bad Bbq Brawl with Shannon Ambrosio.

Throughout the first eight full episodes, we've watched talented pitmasters be sent home, some unexpected and others full of emotion. These episodes, "Introduce Your 'Cue," "Hometown Favorites," "BBQ Hacks," "Game Day BBQ," "Competition 'Cue," "BBQ Brunch Battle," "Seafood Showdown," and "BBQ Around the World," have left us with only four competitors for today's competition.

Since Eddie Jackson lost a team member last episode, he gets to choose the advantage challenge to start the day. He goes for "Classics Remixed," in which the pitmasters must make a classic food that's not normally barbecued, and make it taste like a BBQ staple.

Eddie Jackson Shaking It Up

Everyone is a little nervous and confused by these instructions. Bobby Flay pours a drink and then immediately spills it as the other team captains laugh on. David comments "I smoked a pizza once, it was pretty good."

When a quick thirty minutes are up, each team has made an unconventional food into a BBQ classic. Of team Eddie, Brittani makes a barbecued angeled egg with Cajun grilled spicy shrimp. On team Michael, Ara has made a shrimp and black cod smoked ceviche. David goes for a "spaghetti western," which is smoked spaghetti and meatballs. On team Bobby, Erica has made barbecued peaches and cream.

The contestants anxiously await the results, knowing that this advantage could be the extra perk that keeps them in the running today. Carson Kresley is silly as always, pretending to be a psychic. He correctly predicts that Erica has won the challenge! Bobby Flay claps for his team member continuously, as Michael Symon jokingly says "just let me hit him."

Today's advantage is more of a disadvantage for those who didn't win. While Erica can begin cooking when the time starts, the other contestants must listen to Carson Kresley give a long-winded tutorial on how to make the smoky rooster, his favorite smoked drink.

He jokes throughout the process, saying "last time I had mezcal I woke up in a stranger's house, it was wonderful!"

A Whole New 'Cue

For the elimination round, Carson Kresley declares that the theme is "A Whole New 'Cue," explaining that the master of 'cue must see where their industry is going and maybe even invent the future. The contestants are challenged to invent a new style of BBQ, using new techniques and/or ingredients to make a new kind of BBQ.

The pitmasters have two hours to invent an entirely new kind of BBQ, so they're forced to think on their feet. David says that he's all about sustainability and using awesome ingredients that don't hurt the planet. Brittani is making "fruity cue," which judge Rodney Scott is doubtful of.

However, Brittani is unfazed, saying that when people doubt her, she just keeps her eye on the prize and goes for it no matter what.

When the two hours are up, it's time to see who will be sent home from BBQ Brawl Season 2 episode 9, and who will go on to the finale. Of team Bobby, Erica makes a heritage feast, representing her varied heritage and explaining "the future of BBQ is the people who are cooking it."

This feast includes Moroccan chicken and tajine, Cuban mojo pork tenderloin, harissa carrots and mint yogurt, and spiced Moroccan orange. When the judges try her tenderloin, they call it "virtually a perfect bite of food."

On Team Eddie, Brittani makes "fruity 'cue," which includes citrus poached and grilled lobster tail, noodle salad with citrus peel, charred pork chop with peach BBQ sauce, and smoked fruit ambrosia salad.

As for Team Michael, Ara cooks up "fine dining 'cue," which consists of smoked and grilled Mediterranean lamb chop with a sprig of lavender aflame on the plate, Asian style fish soup, and red cabbage salad with smoked trumpet mushrooms. David creates "sustainable 'cue," with smoked lamb chops, smoked and roasted carrots, grilled calamari over charred kale, and trumpet mushroom pulled pork.

The Finalists

After the judges have tried the "future 'cue," it's time to see who will be sent home and who will go on to the finale. Team Bobby with Erica Blaire Roby is the first safe team, and Erica is "over the moon" and full of confidence for the challenge ahead.

The judges then throw a curveball, saying that both Team Eddie and Team Michael are in the bottom. The contestants are feeling the pressure, and Brittani is giving herself a peptalk to the tune of "don't cry Brittani don't cry."

The judges speak to each contestant about their skills and weaknesses, and in the end, they announce that Brittani will be sent home, which means that Team Eddie is out of the game. Rodney Scott gives a heartwarming speech to Brittani about her performance and how hard it is for women to gain respect in the barbecue world.

Brittani says that she's feeling sad and wanted to go all the way, but that she did this competition to represent her roots and knows she still made her family proud. Eddie says that he's happy to have "stirred the pot and put some fear in Bobby's heart." Next episode is the finale, and we can only guess who will become the Master of 'Cue once and for all!