Bauble Stockings

Bauble Stockings are a Special Christmas Tradition Started by a Southern Family

One of the most magical parts about the holiday season are the special traditions that you can make as a family. Bauble Stockings has created a seriously cool product which came about from their own special tradition with their family Christmas tree

It all started with a special Christmas stocking on the tree which either holds or gives a special clue to the "final gift" of Christmas. The family that started this tradition would traditionally give their mother the grand finale gift as a thank you for everything she had some for the family over the past year. It became known as the "Bauble Stocking" because the gift would frequently be a piece of jewelry.

One of the coolest parts about this company is who is actually making the stockings. Each stocking is 100% hand-stitched by a community of single mothers in Haiti through the organization Good Threads Needlepoint. The women get paid the same as teachers and nurses and can provide for their families so their children don't have to drop out of school to work. The organization has really helped rebuild the community so that the children are able to graduate from high school. It's so special knowing that this little piece of your Christmas was made with love and helped support a family in another country.

5% profit of each stocking sale also goes to benefit the Atlanta Children's Shelter, an organization that helps provide free child care to homeless children so that their moms are able to go to work. The ACS also helps the families find homes and gives them a support system when they had none. It's really wonderful knowing that your money is helping support this cause after you checkout. 

The stocking artwork is made by Sarah Watson, a graduate of SCAD. They also feature guest artists who exchange their work in order to benefit a charity who can receive an additional 10% of their sales. This is an organization committed to benefiting those in need which is so fitting for a holiday product. 

This year, consider adding a Christmas bauble stocking to your tree. You can come up with your own family tradition surrounding what gifts to fill it with year after year. Each stocking is $85 and there are tons of beautiful designs to choose from. The handmade stockings are such high quality, it will no doubt be a special addition to your family for years to come.

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