Barefoot's Canned Spritzers Come in 5 Flavors So Goodbye Pool Beer, Hello Pool Wine

Gone are the days of sipping only beer while floating down the river because you can't take glass bottles. Canned wine is officially in and Barefoot Wine & Bubbly's newest addition to their lineup is further proof. Our first hint that canned wines were coming was last year when Trader Joe's Simply Wines hit shelves everywhere and clocked in at around $1 per can. If that made last summer special, then the new Barefoot Spritzers will seriously tickle your fancy.

As far as canned wine goes, we are all for this trend. Finally, wine fans can bring wine to the pool, beach, and river float since many have no-glass-allowed clauses. You can put away that wine water bottle and kiss your wine bottles goodbye forever. You can find a four-pack of each flavor at stores nationwide for the retail price of $8. At $2 a portable can, it's a steal when you consider that each can is 250ML, one-third of your standard 750ML bottle of wine.

So what are the five varieties of these refreshing wine-based beverages? Let's check them out.

Canned Barefoot Wine Spritzers

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

1. Red Sangria Spritzer

The first option is the Barefoot Red Sangria Spritzer. The wine spritzer has a lingering citrus finish with flavors of berry, orange, lemon, and lime. A sweeter, light-bodied wine, this flavor speaks to the signature wine brand's classic spritzer style that was once bottled.

2. Crisp White Spritzer

The Crisp White Spritzer isn't as citrusy as the Red Sangria Spritzer, but has a zesty lemon-lime fizz with flavors of apple and pears like a pinot grigio. Another standby from the Barefoot Refresh Spritzers, this pairs best with grilled vegetables, fresh salads, or popcorn, this variety is crisp and refreshing. More dry than sweet, this is sparkling wine spritzer is a good choice for advanced wine drinkers and to pair with meals you'd traditionally pair with white wine.

3. Rosé Spritzer

With tastes of juicy peaches and zesty mandarins, this Rosé variety lands more sweet than dry, and finishes with the taste of sweet raspberries and cherries. It also has hints of pomegranate and pairs well with fruit salad and cold pasta dishes. This basically means it's the perfect can for all of your exciting moments this summer in the water, from the pool to the river.

4. Summer Red Spritzer

Similar to the Rosé variety, you'll have hints of berries in the Summer Red, but the sweet peaches and zesty oranges shine through in this red wine-based spritzer. A good mix of dry and sweet (and reminiscent of Pinot Noir), this is perfect for those who don't want a majorly sweet sip. It pairs with pizza, hamburgers, and those hot and steamy summer dips.

5. Moscato Spritzer

Surprisingly drier than the Red Sangria Spritzer, the Moscato Spritzer is your go-to if you prefer refreshingly fruity flavors. Peaches and tangerines shine through and this pairs best with grilled sausages, jalapeño poppers, or even spicier kebabs.

To learn more about each variety and find out which stores near you are carrying the four-packs of the signature spritz, head on over to Will your ice chests be full of these cans this summer when you hit the pool or the lake? If only for something different, I know I'll be bringing wine many places I couldn't before. Folks, summer is here for those of legal drinking age.

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