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Dreams Come True: Trader Joe's Sells Canned Wine for $1 Per Can

Think you can't take wine to the beach because you're afraid that the glass bottle will shatter and you'll get in trouble with the authorities? Well, it's true, don't do that. However, this summer you're not stuck sipping beer out of a can either. Thanks to Trader Joe's Simpler Wines, you can now enjoy a refreshing, no-consequences can of wine on the beach.

The best part about Trader Joe's new line of canned wine? Apart from being aluminum cans that are delicious, Simpler Wines are only $1 per can, and $4 for the four-pack. Trader Joe's just knows how to do cheap wine well, y'all.

Why Canned Wine?

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Now don't get caught up in stereotypes and assume that just because wine is in a can that it is going to be undrinkable. The wine in Simpler Wines does a bang-up job of standing up to its cousin in a glass bottle. In fact, these canned wines were created as a dual effort between Trader Joe's and their hand-selected Italian supplier who came up with a way to keep champagne under a pop top.

The four-pack of Simpler Wines includes 6 fluid ounce cans that are a delightful combination of convenience and sparkling wine — two words that are not often combined in the same sentence.

Simpler Wines are Just Simple

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You can also select from two flavors: Italian Sparkling White Wine and Italian Sparkling Rosé. Both flavors are a perfect accompaniment to a lively party in the park or a simple weeknight dinner on the patio with their sweet sippability.

The Simpler Wines White has flavors notes of fresh cut herbs and juicy honeydew. The Sparkling White would taste delicious paired with savory options, like a charcuterie board featuring Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, olives, and warm, fresh bread. So consider it your Italian sparkling wine for picnics.

The Simpler Wines Rosé has mineral notes in its sip and highlights red fruit flavors that pair so well with pastas, seafood, and sweets. Consider this rosé your perfect pool party companion.

Each sip lets you taste the effervescent flavor of celebration and summertime. The perfectly proportioned 6-ounce cans are especially ideal if you want to take things up a notch and craft a wine-based cocktail.

At $3.99 a pack and no openers or glassware needed, you may find yourself in love with the simplicity of this innovative beverage.

For all of those out there who are still doubting that wine in a can is good, just remember, Trader Joe's is the mastermind behind Two Buck Chuck.

This post was originally published on May 31, 2017.

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