Bad Airline Food Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing Due To Contaminated Food
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Bad Airline Food: Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing Due To Contaminated Food

Well, well, well! If it isn't another "Bad things happening on planes" story! This time? Not Boeing, for once! We're back to Delta. A Delta flight going to Amsterdam had to make an emergency landing at the JFK airport in New York. Per Daily Mail, dozens of passengers were served spoiled food and became sick during the flight. "It was discovered that a portion of the in-flight meal service had been spoiled," said a spokesperson to the publication.

Medics quickly met the plane when it landed and offered aid to 14 passengers and 10 flight crew. Reportedly, all of them declined to receive medical attention. A Port Authority spokesperson confirmed that everyone aboard the flight received hotel rooms and transportation. "[Everyone aboard] will be rebooked to continue to their destination."

One passenger was particularly upset, and rightfully so! They posted their grievances on X (formerly known as Twitter). "I need to know how you're going to get me to Amsterdam today — I'm on the plane that's emergency landing at JFK because you served passengers 'contaminated' food - I don't need hotel/food vouchers I need to arrive in Amsterdam today."

A Delta representative would further explain the course of events. "Medical crews were on site to meet the aircraft and treat any affected passengers and crew members. Delta teams will immediately work to gather information into how this incident occurred. This is not the service Delta is known for and we sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay in their travels."

A Delta Flight Makes An Emergency Landing After Serving Passengers Spoiled Food

Truthfully, readers? I'm at a total loss. Every time you turn around, a plane is either on the cusp of blowing up or poisoning people. We've reached a point where I wouldn't be surprised to hear about a flight landing because a bunch of venomous snakes showed up somehow and started biting people left and right.

I'm desensitized. It's truly sad that as long as no one dies, I'm generally like, "Well, that's a net positive!" Even though an airline shouldn't serve you tainted food with few options if people were to, for example, start throwing up. But that's okay! This time, we're definitely going to go a whole week without reporting on a plane-related fiasco. Starting... now!