Our Austin Food Guide Helps Keep Austin Weird With Local Foodie Favorites

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the county, and it is easy to see why. Along with the city's bustling music scene and nightlife, it has emerged as a foodie paradise. Austin is known for having the country's best BBQ and breakfast tacos, however, it also has a ton of hidden gem eats. The city has something for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes it's hard to choose just one place to eat, and that's where the Austin food guide comes in.

Vegans and vegetarians will appreciate the multitudes of restaurants that are meat-free. Austin has fine Japanese fare, incredible Mediterranean, Ethiopian, and everything in between.

Austin is a "small" big city and it's impossible to list all of the amazing restaurants and food trucks that one must try. We've gathered up a food guide with our favorite "must-try" spots. We've broken it down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We've focused more on true local joints, versus the very well-known tourist spots. 

Food Guide to Austin Breakfast

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Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ

Austin is known for its barbeque and there is definitely no shortage of great meat. What makes Valentina's unique is their monster breakfast taco filled with their award-winning BBQ brisket. 

The Real Deal Holyfield taco is made with fried eggs, bacon, beans, potato, and brisket. It's topped with smoked tomato salsa. This baby will keep you full until you're ready for lunch. Get there early, as it's only sold until 11am.

Check out the menu here.

Tamale House

This family-run business is all about serving up fresh and authentic Tex-Mex cuisine. While all of their tacos and tamales are worth trying, their Mom's migas and queso tacos. It's their best-selling dish for a reason; it's damn delicious.

The eggs are perfectly scrambled with tortilla chips, salsa ranchero, and queso. For a spicy kick, ask for the chipotle migas, which are made with chipotle salsa. The gooey, melty queso pairs perfectly with the crisp tortilla chips. It's a perfect way to start the day.

Check out the menu here.

Food Guide to Lunch in Austin

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Dee Dee

This Thai food truck at Radio Coffee and Beer serves up authentic Northeastern Thai street food. This is hands down some of the best-tasting Thai food I've had outside of Thailand. Since it is authentic, the food packs a punch. Be sure to expect flavor, heat, and spice. The som tom (papaya salad) and Pad Kapow stir fry are a must-order. 

Check out the menu here.

Tucci's Southside Subs

This tiny family-owned sub-shop has two locations in Austin. They use the highest quality Boar Head meat and cheeses for all their sandwiches. They make a few specialty subs, including their cheesesteak and Italian beef with aus jus. 

Their fresh aiolis add flavor and texture to the traditional cold cut style sub. 

Check out the menu here.

Pueblo Viejo

Pueblo Viejo has a few locations, with trucks and a brick-and-mortar restaurant. 

They have a wide variety of tacos and other Mexican dishes. My personal favorite is the al pastor and guaca taco with beef. Their meat is freshly cooked and comes out searing hot on fresh tortillas. 

Make sure to get horchata with your order. It is humongous! It's the creamiest, most delicious drink to pair with your tacos. 

Check out the menu here.

Where To Eat Dinner in Austin

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Deckhand Oyster Bar

This local seafood favorite has 2 locations— one up North and one down South. What makes this seafood spot unique is its Thai and Cajun-style recipes. They're known for their fresh gulf oysters, fried fish baskets, and Thai seafood dishes. 

Their deckhand sauce is made from spicy green chiles and is magical on raw oysters. The sauce adds a nice heat to all their dishes. One of the best parts is their affordably priced seafood. The restaurant caters to everyone and is truly a fun family atmosphere. 

Check out the menu here.

Ramen Tatsuya

This is hands down one of the best ramen shops in Austin, let alone the country. They've expanded and now have locations in almost every part of the city. 

A rich pork bone broth serves as the base of several of their soups. Along with their tonkatsu ramens, they make a chicken broth-based soup, vegan soup, and tsukemen (dipping broth) ramen. All the ramen is served with fatty Chasu pork.

Along with ramen, they serve a small selection of Japanese-style street food small bites, as well as beer and sake. 

Check out the menu here.

Where to Find the Best Dessert in Austin

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Lick Honest Ice Creams

This ice cream shop is known for its unique and quirky flavors. They use sweet and savory ingredients to create fun flavors. Some of their most unique flavors are roasted beets and mint and goat cheese, thyme, and honey. 

Their scoops are rich and creamy, without being heavy. They add seasonal flavors often, ensuring you can always try something new. One great feature is the ability to get several flavors no matter the size. I suggest starting with at least 2 flavors. 

Check out the menu here.

Gourdough's Original Food Trailer

If you want big, fat, delicious donuts, Gordoughs is a must-try. These donuts are not your regular mom-and-pop store's sprinkle donut. These are Texas-sized donuts, loaded up with a range of yummy toppings.

One of their most outrageous concoctions is the Fat Elvis. This donut is piled high with peanut butter icing, grilled bananas, bacon, and honey. For something, a little "healthier" the Nutty Valentine may be a better option. This donut is topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries. 

They have a brick-and-mortar location, as well as food trucks throughout the city. Each location has a slightly different menu, so you'll never get bored. 

Check out the menu here.

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