Food Trucks Are Making Their Way Into Retirement Communities

The food truck, which has been gaining momentum on the pavement lately, got its start almost 200 years ago in none other than Texas. The chuckwagon, which was essentially a field kitchen wagon which was used to transport food, is considered the first "food truck" simply because of their mobile kitchen nature. Later on, these chuckwagons transformed into lunch wagons, roach coaches that served blue-collar workers, and finally the now hip and trendy food truck.

Whether you are in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, or Los Angeles, gourmet food trucks are setting up shop along the sidewalks. Be it Chinese or Indian street food, delicious Mexican or a truck that just sells grilled cheese sandwiches, each of these bustling food trucks has a following to promote their next location.

Using social media, these fully-loaded gourmet trucks announce their locations and wait for the crowds to come. Other times these trucks set up shop at Food Truck Rallies which provide guests with one specific spot to find their favorite cuisine. Food trucks are also a welcome sight at breweries, special events, and outdoor festivals.

It seems like young folks are all about the food truck craze. Not only is it a fantastic way to eat some delicious (and often gourmet) food, it's also a lifestyle and a totally different experience than sitting in a stuffy restaurant. It also makes it possible for the restaurant to come to you. And that's exactly what happens in Wake Robin, a retirement community located in Vermont.

Wake Robin resident enjoying the food trucks

Wake Robin

Located in Shelburne, a town near the Canada border, a quiet continuing care retirement community is introducing the trend of food trucks to its residents. Throughout the summer various food trucks have been stopping by, including a taco truck and a truck serving ice cream and gelato.

CEO Patrick McKee is happy to see the residents get excited about the new food trucks in their community. "That's always been a key part of our mission at Wake Robin and we're happy to continue it. Plus, how many food trucks do you see at retirement communities?"

Hopefully, this will be just the beginning of food trucks finding their way into retirement communities.

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