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Watch Ashland Craft's Soulful 'You Are My Sunshine' Cover on 'The Voice'

The Voice is back in full swing with blind auditions, and South Carolina native Ashland Craft just knocked it out of the park. The 21-year-old delivered an impassioned cover of "You Are My Sunshine" during her appearance on Tuesday (Sept. 26) night's episode.

Craft borrowed stylistic inspiration from Morgane and Chris Stapleton on her version, and she did not disappoint. With the pluck of an overdriven guitar intro, Craft launched into this song.

With long, drawn out notes and a big belt, coaches turned almost immediately. Blake Shelton exclaimed, "Oh! Miley," within the first few notes. Before the thirty second mark, Shelton, Cyrus and Adam Levine all turned.

Ashland Craft's raspy delivery hooks in the listener from the very beginning. She saved the big notes for the very end, just to punctuate the performance. Check it out below.

Coach Levine seemed to want her the most. Which makes sense, because he hasn't won the show in a while and Craft definitely seems like a crowd pleaser.

Meanwhile, he also acknowledged a lot of country singers choose Shelton because he's basically the "mayor of Nashville." Hey, a rare compliment between the two!

But Cyrus also noted that she's in the same vocal range as Craft and has experience both in country and pop rock. Ultimately, Craft chose her as a coach.

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The Voice's blind auditions are some of the most popular episodes of the show. There's something about seeing and hearing new faces along with the judges wins fans over. The bluesy country rock n' roll vibes of Chris and Morgane Stapleton are also usually a big hit. Jesse Larson successfully covered Stapleton's tune "I Was Wrong" last season.

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