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Arkansas Mom Builds Home by Watching YouTube Videos

Some people use YouTube for step-by-step recipes, others for workout videos. Cara Brookins, an Arkansas mother of four,  used it to build a home on a limited budget.

According to KTHV, Brookins decided to build the house after she exited an abusive relationship and needed to find a new home. Her budget only allowed limited choices. The Little Rock, Arkansas housing market didn't have many options within her price range that could accommodate her family. Nevertheless, Brookins promised herself that all four of her children would have rooms of their own.

So, she opted for what she could afford: supplies. Having no prior knowledge of how to build a home, Brookins turned to YouTube, and slowly but surely built her family's new home.

"With just a little bit of time, we figured out how to lay a foundation block," said Brookins. "There was a lot of asking people at Home Depot for help too."

Brookins, an author of multiple fiction books, will soon release a book chronicling her journey. Rise, How a House Built a Family explores the Arkansas mother and her family's indomitable spirit during their trying time.

Brookins hopes her book will inspire other women who have managed to escape abusive relationships. "Do something big. Take a big leap and set an impossible goal. With enough determination you can do it."

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