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This Unstoppable Single Mom Built an Amazing Tiny Cabin

The tiny cabin movement has been growing steadily since the big recession in 2008. Documentaries and YouTube channels abound talking about the big benefits of this tiny movement.

Kelley Lewis has one of the most empowering and inspiring stories of the entire movement. At just 29, newly divorced and taking care of her three small children, she was in a major depression.

That's when she decided to buy a plot of land next to a small lake and start building her tiny cabin.

Story Seekers originally sat down with Lewis to talk about her inspiration. The footage of her DIY cabin is stunning:

At just 192 square feet, the main space has a wood-burning stove, a fold-out couch, a composting bathroom, and a tiny kitchen. A cozy loft finishes off the space.

Lewis, also known as "The Cabin Chick", hired a shed company to build the basic shell. But she has installed and built everything else herself. Utilizing recycled materials and the help of family and friends, the space has slowly come together over the last two years.

This inspiring mom wanted a simpler, more honest life. She talks about why this mattered to her children on her website, "I want to protect their childhood and teach them the value of working towards something and to reach a greater goal. But most of all, I want to teach them the value of happiness and how true happiness can only be found from within."

Along with a simpler life, she also says the exposure to nature has brought her and her children a new perspective.

Talk about a strong recovery after hard times. This mom's story definitely adds another vote in favor of a simpler, less cluttered life.

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This Unstoppable Single Mom Built an Amazing Tiny Cabin