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Song Premiere: Andy Brasher's Sweet, Soaring Ballad 'If She Loves'

Kentucky country singer-songwriter Andy Brasher offers a sweet, tender country ballad just in time for Valentine's Day with "If She Loves," a tribute to a partner who "loves whole-heartedly" from Brasher's forthcoming album Myna Bird.

Brasher says he wrote the song for his girlfriend, Tamarra.

"I've been looking forward to releasing 'If She Loves' probably more than any one song on the record," Brasher tells Wide Open Country. "It's personal. I wrote it for my girlfriend, Tamarra, who embodies the song. And it just so happens to be coming out on Valentine's Day! The first time I performed it live, she was in the audience and I decided to lock eyes with her through the entire song. Kind of as a joke at first, kinda to watch her squirm a little and see how she'd react. Maybe she'd crack up? Maybe she'd get nervous, knowing that there were so many people watching us? I couldn't help but feel their reactions to our 'tunnel vision' display. Some people thought it was cute, some thought it was sickening, some laughed, but it was a memorable moment for us. I still do it if she's in the crowd. Not every time, but we have fun with it."
While it was written with just one woman in mind, Brasher says the song has become an anthem for many.
"The more I played this song out, I noticed that people were adopting it. It reminded some guys of their ladies, and some ladies accepted it as their own anthem. And I like that idea. It was planned as Tamarra's song, but it's become a song for all women."

Listen to "If She Loves" below.

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