'America's Got Talent' Fans Are Fed Up With International Contestants On Show
Photo By Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Faculty Productions

'America's Got Talent' Fans Are Fed Up With International Contestants On Show

Here I am, back down "Controversy Lane"! Today, folks, we're going to talk about America's Got Talent fans. There has been a constant, underlying "criticism" of the show among some members of AGT's fanbase who believe the show is too "international." After all, it's called America's Got Talent, not America (And International Friends) Got Talent. I'm going to show y'all a post someone made on Reddit. No editing — completely unvarnished.

"It's odd to me how it's Americas got talent. Meaning Americans, but people travel from all over the world to be on the show. No disrespect or hate, everyone should be able to chase their dreams! And I assumed everyone was living in America for the most part. But watching the people from the Philippines come for the show was odd. They were talented and nothing bad to say about them. But the concept of the show is a little lost on me."

"Everyone should be allowed to chase their dreams." Put a pin in that for now because that's gonna be on the pop quiz a little later. Some of the replies to the original post were equally interesting.

"Definitely needs to be called Got Talent. It's easy to see the producers have found something they think people want. I remember many years ago when there were just a few foreign acts that really rigged the heart strings."

Granted, a lot of people responding to the post were sensible! Bringing up good-natured, real points! But this is my article, so I'm gonna inject my two cents into the mix.

Some 'America's Got Talent' Fans Are Put Off By The Show's International Representation

We're back to "Everyone should be allowed to chase their dreams" now. Believe it or not, many regions outside of America don't support or fund creative passions and endeavors as much as America does. (Even then, America can be stingy and cruel with its artistic support, but that's for another day.)

Aspiring artists come to America because it's their best chance of being rightfully recognized and rewarded for their talents. By giving international talents a shot at the big leagues, that alone provides a real platform for one to authentically pursue their passions.

But, please. Argue more about the title of the show being "misleading."