Marybeth Byrd performs on "American Idol"
ABC/Eric McCandless

'American Idol': Marybeth Byrd Advances to Top 24 With Powerhouse Carrie Underwood Cover


This week, the judges of American Idol whittled the contestants down to the top 24. With that came heartbreaking goodbyes and also incredible triumphs, and Marybeth Byrd fell into the latter category.

The 22-year-old radio DJ from Arkansas opted to sing Carrie Underwood's sassy tune, "Flat on the Floor," from her Carnival Ride album for the "Showstopper" performance. This song showed a "different side" to the singer, according to the judges, and Byrd admits the song was somewhat of a risk. Bryd pushed her voice to the max during the performance, and  the judges seemed surprised.

When it came time for Byrd's performance to be judged, she wasn't sure if she was going to make it though to the next round.


"When we watched you in showstoppers, it was the first time we heard you kind of get yell-y and scream-y," Luke Bryan told Byrd.

Byrd responded, saying she felt the performance wasn't her best.

Bryan continued in his analysis, saying the rendition was a "surprise." Perry added that Byrd had always been more a "smooth singer." Keeping her in suspense, Bryan told Byrd she will bet forced to call her workplace regarding the competition.

"Unfortunately, you're going to have to call the radio station and tell them..." he said, as the segment came to a close.


The show then transitioned to host Ryan Seacrest holding out hope for Byrd outside the door. The singer then came out and pranked him by saying that she didn't make it through. She then revealed that she did, in fact, make it to the next round of performances.

American Idol is currently airing on ABC on Sunday and Monday nights. The competition will continue Sunday, April 16 and Monday, April 17 with more performances from the top 24 contestants.

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