Screengrab via Facebook

Watch This Crazy Video of a Horse and Alligator Battling it out

Florida is often home to some weird news, but this video of a horse galloping across a gator truly takes the cake.

Facebook user Krystal M. Berry was among a group of onlookers at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park who snapping photos of the horse and gator standing surprisingly close to one another. But the horse obviously thought the gator was a little too close for comfort and opted to show some aggression.

After suddenly galloping over, the horse clubs the gator with its hooves. Out of self defense, the gator then appears to have bite the horse on its leg. You can see what happens next in the video below.

Berry says there were "no signs of distress or bleeding" from either the horse or the gator when they left the site. The group also contacted the reserve to check on both animals. Still, it was clearly a scary encounter for all parties involved in the sudden battle.

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This is far from the only bizarre alligator-related occurrence that's happened so far this year. Some vigilant Florida residents also spotted a giant gator roaming through their neighborhood back in January.

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