Massive Alligator Spotted in Florida Looks Like a Dinosaur

A giant alligator was spotted at a Florida bar reserve over the weekend and the internet is going wild!

Kim Joiner was at Lakeland's Circle B Bar Reserve when she noticed the animal, according to WTFS. She captured the approximately 15-foot long gator on video and posted it to the Circle B Facebook group. It's since gone viral on social media, and it's easy to see why. It's like Florida nature gone wild!


Joiner wasn't the only one lucky enough to see the animal and capture it on film. Kirsti Buckley was also there and spotted him after a hike. "It was just awe-inspiring," she told WTFS. "It does look pre-historic... and just watching his feet flop as they hit the ground is amazing. In my imagination I could feel the ground shake."

The huge alligator isn't new to the Polk County area, even if he is new to the internet. The news station reports that he's been around for decades. The massive gator has been aptly named "The Big Humpback" because of his uniquely high backside, which can easily be seen in the clip above.

The video on WTFS' Facebook page has now been viewed over 3 million times and has garnered over 3,000 comments. Some people are skeptical of the video and are questioning its authenticity in the comment section, but this definitely isn't fake news! Our favorite comment, though, comes from Bianca Brink, who basically read our minds. "That's not a gator that's a dinosaur," she writes under the video. If you didn't believe in dinosaurs before, this may change your mind. It is one massive alligator.

The viral video has been a good thing for Circle B, a local nature hiking spot. Ever since the video was posted, the Florida nature reserve has gotten more visitors, many who have shown up to get a glimpse of the gator!

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Massive Alligator Spotted in Florida Looks Like a Dinosaur