Frankie Lee

Album Premiere: Frankie Lee Returns Home on the Enchanting 'Stillwater'

Minnesota native singer-songwriter Frankie Lee delivers an ode to small town America with his forthcoming album Stillwater (out on May 24). The album title comes from Lee's hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota, a small picturesque town near the Twin Cities.

There's a strong sense of place within Stillwater — and for good reason. Lee recorded the album inside the small cedar-sided house where he grew up in Minnesota. For three full days, the band lived together, ate meals together and recorded together. The result is an alluring collection of musings on hope lost and found.

The reminiscent "Only She Knows" is a sonic journey down forgotten rural roads, while the hypnotizing "(I Don't Want to Know) John" captures the pain and despair of struggling Americans.

The dreamy  "Downtown Lights" was inspired by actress Jessica Lange (Frances, Sweet Dreams), who grew up in Stillwater and moved away after becoming disenchanted with the town's reputation as a tourist destination. The song is an enchanting stroll down Main Street in a town frozen in time.

Listen to Stillwater below.

Stillwater is the follow-up to Lee's 2015 album American Dreamer.

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