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Alabama's Pop Culture Museum is a Wonderland of Nostalgia

People love feeling nostalgic. It's just a fact. Everyone went crazy when Stranger Things came out on Netflix because it perfectly captured what life was like growing up in the '80s, from the action figures to the clothes and even the mall. Whether you grew up in the '80s or simply lived through it, taking that trip down memory lane is incredibly satisfying, which is probably why the show has resulted in multiple successful seasons. One Alabama man took advantage of his parents' inability to throw anything away and turned it into the perfect time capsule of pop culture memorabilia. 

The Tim Hollis Pop Culture Museum is located in Dora, Alabama, right outside of Birmingham. Hollis told WBIR that he never really intended to open up a museum.

"Well, the funny thing about the Hollis Museum is that it started out to preserve my own memories of childhood, but it ended up preserving everyone else's memories," Hollis said.

"Sometimes I call myself the archivist for the rest of the world because usually what someone is looking for, they can find here whether it's toys, souvenirs, whether it's something from the holidays or the grocery line, it's usually represented here." 

One of the best parts of growing up with parents who like to keep everything is that you're able to hold onto collectibles from all of your travels. The Hollis family even visited the well-known Land of Oz theme park in North Carolina when it was still a fully operational park. It has since transitioned into two special events per year.

"When we went on vacation, it was my dad and I who loved it. My mom absolutely hated traveling of any kind," Hollis told WBIR. "Somehow we talked my mom into getting into one of those balloon gondolas at the park....so, we're going along in the balloon, and my mom is saying, ' Boy, I can't wait till we get out of this thing!' And then the whole ride shut down. There we were in a balloon above the treetops swaying back and forth in the breeze, and if you've never seen someone have a come apart, you should have seen my mom that day."

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Hollis is the only member of his family left and has been thinking about ways for the museum to live on after he is gone. He says most people don't really know his museum exists but stumble upon it either online or Roadside America. The museum is open by appointment only, as it is located behind Hollis's childhood home. You can email [email protected] or call 205-648-6110 to book your visit! 

Featuring old board games, lunch boxes, classic cartoon characters and more, here are some photos from the pop culture museum that will really take you back to your childhood. For more, visit Tim Hollis' Facebook page here.


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