Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson Sends Inspiring Message to Whataburger Employee

A Whataburger employee is fighting back against her haters with a little help from country artist Aaron Watson.

Diana, an employee of the Whataburger location in Marion, Texas, posted a photo of her smiling with the "Outta Style" singer on Twitter and followed it up with a special message.

"All y'all hate on me for working at (Whataburger) but did you get to sit down and talk to @aaron_watson and his family? Nah didn't think so."

A few hours later, Watson chimed in with words of encouragement.

"Diana, I worked fast food when I was your age. Your kindness & work ethic will take u far in life."

None of Diana's haters seem to have anything to say back to Watson. All comments encourage the young employees. Many even shared stories of their own fast food jobs.

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Watson was visiting the Marion location just one day after performing at Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels. He shared an additional shout out to Whataburger on his Instagram. The photo shows him and his family with the caption "@whataburger and the Watsons."

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