A Look Inside Cole Swindell & Courtney Little's Wedding
(Photo by Omar Vega/FilmMagic)

A Look Inside Cole Swindell & Courtney Little's Dream Wedding

After a year's engagement, Cole Swindell marries his wife Courtney Little! The newlyweds take to Instagram, posting glimpses of their heartwarming reception in Sonoma, California.

See the photos here.

Congratulations are in order for the beautiful couple, comments flooding their joint Instagram post. From Luke Combs' wife Nicole and artists like Will Moseley to brand accounts like iHeart country and the CMA posting hearts, so many are congratulating Cole and Courtney.

Upon their engagement, Cole did an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, expressing just how blessed he feels. "It's hard to put into words how happy I am," Swindell says. "I feel like I'm very fortunate to be where I am in my career, but I feel like I've missed out on a lot of real-life moments. I'm just glad to have somebody to share everything with. She makes me better, and I'm the happiest I've ever been in all parts of my life."

How Did Cole Swindell and His New Wife Courtney Meet?

Notorious for keeping his private life as limited from the public as possible, Cole lifts back the curtain and reveals their first time meeting. Swindell meets Courtney at a NASCAR event years ago and it was hardly anything at first. But years of friendship and courting leads to a relationship in 2021. "We met several years ago actually," he explains to Bobby Bones in an interview. "You know, I'm a big NASCAR fan and she works with Monster and you know we just kind of met and exchanged numbers and kept in touch over the years, but it never was anything just kind of friends, randomly saw her here and there, but the video kind of changed everything."

Ever since, Cole looks at Courtney as his muse. "Miss Wherever" plays as reference to Little's experience in beauty pageants. Similarly, it's not hard to imagine where "She Had Me at Heads Carolina" stems from. In marriage, he has plenty of potential for new material as well.