A Couple Risks It All By Draining Their House Deposit Savings Trying To Save Their Favorite Pub
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A Couple Drain Their Savings For A House To Buy Their Favorite Pub After It Was In Danger Of Closing

In "Wholesome Wide Open Country" news: a couple in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, took the gamble of their lives. Sam Rugman and Ruby Goodman's favorite pub, The Stallards Inn, was on the verge of being lost completely. Per The U.S. Sun, the couple made a drastic decision. They took the savings they'd accrued over a long period, and rather than buy a house, they instead rented the Stallards Inn. With no prior business experience. And little more than a dream of revitalizing a popular local pub that had fallen into disrepair.

"It was a community pub, and it was a real shame when it closed down. You could see there was something missing from Trowbridge, and we had some money saved up for a house deposit, so we decided, if not now, when?" Ruby said. Sam would hold an equal amount of dedication toward their renovation project.

"What's life without a gamble, mortgage rates being so high meant that buying a house was just as much a money pit as investing into a business in our view! At least we can make something worthwhile here!"

...That's sound logic, actually. We're all aware of how inconsistent the real-estate game has been over the past few years. If you're going to sink money into a long-term investment, why not a business that could revitalize the community?

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When the couple first moved into the pub, all the furniture was covered in mold and the place was riddled with leaks. The beer garden had been long neglected and overgrown, with most of the locals being entirely unaware of its existence.

"It wasn't in its best light when we took it over, but you could definitely see the potential with it. It just needed a bit of TLC," Ruby said. With her decorating expertise and her father's carpentry credentials (as well as the help of other friends and family members), the Stallards Inn was ready for its grand re-reveal!

Upon reopening in April, they've since had regulars coming in every day, and even attracted a younger crowd! Now, they host live music events, and even have an old-school jukebox.

"No one wanted to see us fail, and I think after seeing what we've done, that support has only increased!" Sam confirmed.

Sometimes, it's worth taking a calculated risk to achieve greatness!