A 4th Of July Lemonade Chugging Competition Goes Wrong When A Contestant Gets Terribly Sick
Photos By TikTok/newyorknico

A 4th Of July Lemonade Chugging Competition Goes Wrong When A Contestant Gets Terribly Sick

Ah, the 4th of July. Fireworks, bald eagles, billionaires surfing while waving the American flag. All the American staples are represented on only one of the most patriotic holidays of the year! Additionally, you can expect to see all our American vices front and center. Such as the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. As is tradition, the event also hosted a lemonade-chugging competition. BadlandsChugs (whose real name is Eric Booker), a prominent YouTuber known for, as you can guess, his love for chugging many varieties of drinks, ultimately came out on top.

Booker polished off a gallon of lemonade in 21 seconds to handily take home the win. It would be his fourth consecutive win, and he's currently the only person to win the competition since it began in 2021. His challengers tried, and his challengers failed. One, in particular, was visibly sick. And when I say "visibly sick," I mean visibly sick. (If you don't like watching people throw up, do not watch the following clip.)

This poor contender threw up everywhere. The crowd punctuating every moment of projectile vomiting with an "Ohhhh!" is hilariously dark. But my favorite moment of this gross clip? The end where Booker celebrates his victory with the biggest grin on his face. The camera work makes the whole thing even funnier. It's like the person who just emptied the contents of their stomach all over the front row of people ceases to exist in the wake of Booker's accomplishment.

They do say winners decide what goes in the history books, though.

A 4th Of July Competitive Eating Event Goes Sideways When Someone Gets Sick

"This ruined my Fourth of July," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user says. Ah, come on. If you can stomach the fact that someone ate 58 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the hot dog eating competition, you can stomach someone throwing up a bunch of lemonade!

...How do you train for a 4th of July competitive eating/drinking event without dying? Actually, can you imagine how expensive it would be to buy a bunch of hot dogs to acclimate your body to inhale them in a short window of time? I fancy myself a foodie, but part of the joy of eating is savoring the meal. If I decide to eat a caloric dumpster fire, I want to at least enjoy it!