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8 Ways to Update Your Front Porch or Patio for Spring

Winter is over and spring has finally arrived. The weather is starting to warm up, which means more time to spend outside enjoying the warm weather on the patio.

We've rounded up some easy and inexpensive ways to refresh your front porch or patio for the new season. Welcome spring with these eight easy front porch decor ideas.

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1. Hanging Baskets

Perfect for you to showcase your flowers or greenery, these hanging baskets are ideal porch decor because they really add to your curb appeal. They are also picturesque for your patio and add some extra green to your space. You seriously don't need to get crazy with landscaping the whole front yard. Just brightening up your entryway when you come home with some color is enough to make your porch feel fresh.

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2. An outdoor rug

Adding a colorful rug will refresh your outdoor space and liven up your patio seating area. When the weather is warm you can just treat the porch like your outdoor living room...all you need to do is pick your favorite spring shade!

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3. Spring Wreath

How pretty is this lavender front door wreath for spring? And, bonus, it's incredibly affordable. It will definitely make a good first impression when family and friends come over.

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4. Rocking Chairs

Sit back and unwind at the end of a long day on this adorable rocking chair. Even if you have a small front porch, you can still fit a little bit out outdoor decor to freshen up your space. Porch decorations can be as simple as a chair to create a small sitting area outside and enjoy the warming weather.

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5. Flower Pots

Spring is the perfect time to invest in some new flower pots to fill with fresh spring flowers or potted plants. You can get creative here! Get regular terracotta, DIY some pots with your favorite paint color, or get some fun baskets or rattan planters to warm up your Spring porch design.

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6. Doormat

Replacing your front doormat each season is a simple home decor hack to change things up regularly. This welcome mat delivers a spring-styled porch with minimal effort. Now you just need some Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving mats to add to your collection!

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7. Porch Swing

Similar to a rocking chair, this is another excellent option for some seating on your porch. How relaxing would it be to sit on this porch during a spring rainstorm?

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8. Shoe mat

If there's ever a season you'll be regularly using your rain boots; it's spring. This cute box lets you showcase them right by the front door. It's also practical because you don't want to wear wet shoes through your house.

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This article was originally published in April of 2019 but has been updated.

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