The 7 Best Smokers Under $100

Grilling certain foods is great, but smoking them creates that authentic Southern barbecue taste we all know and savor. From wood chips to stainless steel, a smoker is the secret to great food outdoors. If you're in need of a smoker for a good price, we've got it covered for everything from dial thermometers to digital thermometers. There are so many options, from a vertical gas smoker to a gas grill to a gas smoker to a pellet tube smoker to a barrel smoker, that it can be hard to choose which is best for you.

We've picked the 7 best smokers under $100 so you can start your new hobby without feeling the guilt of a new backyard toy. You'll be attracting all the neighbors to your home when they smell the sweet smell of smoked ribs from their living rooms, and all year long, too. Get ready to be named the perpetual camp chef once you join the pitmaster club.

Best Electric Smokers & Best Charcoal Smokers 

1. Cuisinart Charcoal Bullet Smoker

The Cuisinart is one of the best vertical smokers, made with two smoking racks and an easy-access side door for when you need to add more charcoal, making it the perfect smoke vault.

A vertical smoker is a great option for those who aren't looking to replace their tried and true grill. This model is an excellent option that stores easily, especially based on unbiased smoker reviews. There are 402 square inches of cooking space and the dual air vents allow for the ultimate temperature control. The cooking grates are stainless steel, and there's a porcelain-coated water bowl.

You can get this high-quality charcoal smoker for under $100.

2. CAMORSA Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

This gourmet, good smoker is perfect for a smoky flavor. This charcoal grill has an air vent for air flow, along with an adjustable damper.

It has a primary cooking area of 68L with an offset smoking area of 32L, allowing you to smoke multiple meals without crowding your cooking surface. The built-in thermostat acts as a temperature gauge when grilling, and the attached front table is great for storage space or food prep.

3. Char-Griller 2-2424 Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box

This char-griller is the perfect multi-purpose grill made for outdoor cooking. You can use this as a regular grill or turn it into the perfect smoker. This heavy-duty grill is made of steel and smokes to perfection.

This must-have backyard cooker and great smoker is just barely above $100. Talk about a bang for your buck in this price range!

4. Grill Pro 16-Inch Smoker

This traditional smoker is everything you need to smoke your food to perfection. Call yourself the pit boss and take charge of your cooking area. Measuring only 16 inches in diameter, this small smoking chamber fits even the smallest of patios.

At $74.99 this vertical charcoal smoker is almost too good to be true.

5. MAISON HUIS Small Charcoal Grill Mini Smoker

This smoker-grill combo is perfect for camping, backyard BBQs, or beach days. This compact grill is ideal to grill racks of ribs or burgers, just place it on the tabletop and get ready to grill out. Grill with charcoal or slow cook with wood chip tray for that smoky flavor.

The adjustable air vents are great for precise temperature control, and the sturdy steel construction is made for durability. This high quality smoker-grill offers versatility, efficiency, and everything you need at a low price of $78.99.

6. Nordic Ware Stovetop Kettle Smoker

This one-of-a-kind dedicated smoker can be used on the stovetop or the grill. It comes with a nonstick removable smoking rack, drip pan and/or water pan, and the ability to maintain low temperature and high temperature easily. This new smoker is perfect for smoking brisket in cold weather.

An indoor smoker is indispensable, and this oven-friendly version is one of the different types of smokers we love. When you get this smoker, you will also receive recipes that will be so helpful if you're just getting started. This easy-to-use smoker is a top pick at just $76.10.

7. Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

This unique grill has a magnetic design with heat-resistant magnets, along with the ability to control the internal temperature with its protective outer layer. This pellet smoker and grill allows you to continue smoking meat no matter the temperature

The insulation blankets featured in this Z GRILLS Grill and smoker are made for heat retention, effortlessly keeping cooking temperatures high. This smoker grill is easy to clean and made for efficiency, and it's only $99.00.

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This post was originally published on August 31, 2018.