How to Use a Tripod Grill Over an Open Flame

Every camper I know has their own list of favorite cookware to pack for their trip. Some like to rough it and cook over an open fire with a cast iron dutch oven or pan. Others like to relax in the comfort of their motor homes with a heavy duty stainless steel propane grill. But what if your camping style falls in-between the two? Meet the tripod grill.

What is a Tripod Grill?

A tripod grill is meant for campfire cooking whether you are using a dutch oven or grill grate. Typically the product comes with three poles. Usually the legs collapse making it easy to take the cooking tripod on a backpacking trip.

A campfire tripod can also double as a lantern hanger when you are finished with outdoor cooking.

How To Use a Tripod Grill

To begin, assemble the camping tripod using the instructions provided by the manufacture. Most tripod grills have adjustable chains, so make sure everything is sturdy and in place before you start grilling food. Don't want your whole dinner falling in the fire pit!

Attach the cooking grate to the S hook, find the perfect adjustable height, and you are ready to start cooking on your campfire grill! The grill will be hot, so make sure to always use a pot holder or oven mitt when using.

3 Tripod Grills to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

The Affordable Option

If you camp once in a while, it may not be in your best interest to buy the most expensive camping stove option and instead go for the lower priced option. The Ozark Trail Camp Tripod Grill with Lantern Hanger is a best seller and perfect for those who are new to this type of camping grill. Customer reviews are solid, with one sharing, "perfect for the outdoors person who also likes cooking over open fire"

The Backpacker Option

Lightweight and easy to assemble, the Coghlan's Tri-Pod Grill And Lantern Hanger is a must-have camping gear for backpackers. The collapsible galvanized steel legs can support up to 30 pounds, making it easy to accommodate all your camping cookware. Camp cooking has never been so much fun!

The Heavy-Duty Option

Made from heavy-duty iron, the Camp Chef Dutch Oven 50" Tripod is meant for hanging your cast iron dutch oven. Heavier than the other two models, this forged iron tripod grill is sturdy and safe for all your cooking needs.