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This $6 Million Dollar Pickup Truck is Big Enough For a Family of 6

Behold, a luxury pickup truck unlike any you've ever seen.

The incredible Ford 750 World Cruiser has four tons of cargo capacity, a full kitchen, a bathroom and a living room and sleeping quarters for six people. Under the hood you'll find a Cummins diesel engine that puts out 1,200-fps of torque. Who says your work truck can't be a little luxurious?

The massive truck is the brainchild Peter Dunkel, owner of Dunkel Industries, a company specializes in heavy moving machinery. In this video, CNN Money shows off the mind-blowing interior of this monster-sized luxury truck.

The video explains that the Ford F750 World Cruiser failed to sell and that the bidding went up to $50,000.

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But the World Cruiser isn't the only luxury pickup out there. In 2017, Ford unveiled a $100,000 F-450 pickup, which featured active cruise control. Oh, and the ability to tow 15 tons. At the time, it was the "most expensive mass-produced pickup" to drive off the assembly line.

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What would you do with this truck if you owned it?

This post was originally published on December 9, 2016.

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