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5 Unique Ways to Display Your Old Concert Tickets

It's an investment going to see your favorite musical acts in concert. Is it worth it? Sure. But once the performance is over, all you have left is your ticket stub. Don't let the experience end there! You can form a collection of your concert tickets and put them on display in your home. You'll get to relive all your good memories all over again when you walk by and see keepsakes on display.

This goes for any old ticket stubs you might have. A memorable sporting event, a movie or any other event ticket (or Broadway playbills)— you name it. Try one of these 5 creative ways to repurpose and display your concert ticket stubs and other mementos of the live music experience.

1. Ticket Stub Shadow Box

Create your own wall art by putting your old concert tickets inside. You can grow your collection over time and watch as the tickets, event wristbands and other related memorabilia fill the space.

Looks like this ticket box holds quite a few stubs, so it's a good starting place if you log quite a few hours a year experiencing music memories in festival or venue crowds.

Find this option from Amazon here.

2. Ticket Stub Coffee Table

This ticket table is an easy DIY project for those with a display table that has a glass top. Take your favorite tickets you'd like to display and put them underneath the glass in your living room. Not only will your cherished memories from recent shows be showcased to you and your guests. They will also be kept safe under the glass as part of your home decor.

Follow instructions on this craft here.

3. Memory Jar

This is a pretty easy, crafty and unique way to replicate a display case. All you need is a mason jar and you can start popping in old stubs. It's kind of like your own memory box or keepsake box — you can see inside and you don't have to turn the stubs into something complicated! Just keep adding to the jar and the bigger your collection gets, get another one if need be.

Find these jars from Amazon here.

4. Picture Frame

For another easy DIY Project and creative concert ticket display option, just buy an inexpensive frame and display your old tickets on the wall. You can put as many or few as you want, depending on which are the favorites that you want to showcase.

It's room decor that'll work just about anywhere in your house or apartment.

Find this frame from Amazon here.

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5. Ticket Album

This is basically like a photo album for your old tickets. A ticket stub scrapbook album is the perfect way to keep them safe and give you the opportunity to pull them out and take a trip down memory lane whenever you want to.

Plus, it's a great gift idea for scrapbooking enthusiasts.

Find this album from Amazon here.

This story originally ran on Feb. 19, 2019.

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