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The 5 Interesting Things We Learned About Coca-Cola This Year

As we continue our countdown through the best stories we published this year, one brand name stood out: Coca-Cola. America's favorite soft drink (sorry, Pepsi fans) made headlines in more ways than one this year. However, we also decided to dig a little deeper into the iconic beverage and boy did we learn some wild facts!

Here are the 5 most interesting things we learned about Coca-Cola this year.

5. Coca-Cola bought Topo Chico

Ask any Texan what their favorite sparkling beverage is, and there's no doubt that Topo Chico will be their answer. That's why, in October 2017, it was such a shock to learn that Coca-Cola North American acquired the Mexican brand to expand its sparkling water division.

While Coca-Cola has emphasized that the brand will preserve the authentic heritage of Topo Chico and its history, we will just have to see how national distribution goes for the beloved elixir.

4. The 10 fun facts every fan should know

If you love something, you should know a little something about it. That's our rule here at Wide Open Eats and in keeping with it, we looked into the 10 Coke facts they don't tell you on the label, especially what it's named after.

3. Inside of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

This year, we felt the holiday season begin a tad early when we peeked inside the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. Did you know it had a fireplace inside?!

2. Peanuts in your Coke

This year, we explored the Southern tradition of popping peanuts in your Coca-Cola. This was one of our most-loved articles of the year, and it clearly struck a chord with so many of our readers who grew up enjoying this very snack.

We think it's time to revive this nifty tradition, if only because it tastes so good! Don't let the looks fool ya.

1. Why Coca-Cola tastes best at McDonald's

We cracked the case of why Coca-Cola tastes better at McDonald's! Rumors for years, it is true that Coca-Cola is designed to taste better from the iconic American fast food chain, and these 6 reasons are how they make it happen.

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